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The proposal

4. Deliver a lasting legacy for our community which is family-friendly, good for the environment and your health

This is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide a transport link and a place to exercise between towns that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

The benefits of improving health and providing opportunities to appreciate our natural environment will have a lasting impact.

The Map


1. Connecting Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable with an off-road cycleway through the largest solar park in Europe

The Community Corridor will provide a direct and safe transport link for walkers and cyclists between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable. In addition, this route will provide an important local amenity and join with Cleve Hill Solar Park in helping to reduce carbon emissions and create an environment for everyone to enjoy.

2. Create a safer alternative for cyclists who commute between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable

The existing road route between Graveney and Seasalter has no pavements - walkers and cyclists have to share this narrow road with cars and heavy goods vehicles, which will increase substantially as the solar park is developed.

The Community Corridor will provide safe passage between Faversham and Seasalter, allowing for an increase in the number of walkers and cyclists either commuting or exercising in this location, including young children, the elderly and disabled.


3. Provide opportunities for people to engage with the environment in an area of natural beauty 

The Community Corridor will increase access to the unique environment of Graveney Marshes and the Swale estuary - home to thousands of wildfowl and waders in winter, and some very special flora and fauna in summer. 

This represents an unrivalled opportunity to provide people with safe and managed access to an area of rich wildlife and support an appreciation of nature in Kent.

5. Work collaboratively with Cleve Hill Solar Park, Kent Wildlife Trust, Landowners, the Public Sector and cycling organisations

We believe in working inclusively with all stakeholders and potential users of the development, while we build the case for the Community Corridor.

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