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We were established in 2018 when the initial plans for the Cleve Hill Solar Park were presented to the local community. Over the last two years, we have worked hard to engage with all stakeholders and seek the best outcomes for Graveney and surrounding communities. 

Now the Cleve Hill Solar Park has permission to proceed, we want to work positively with everyone to build a cycleway that will bring tremendous benefits and leave a lasting legacy for the people of Graveney, Goodnestone, Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable. 

The pandemic taught us our outside spaces are crucial for physical and mental health. Faversham is the beating heart of our community, and the surrounding countryside is a vital component.

Faversham is currently undergoing massive development, doubling in size and soon to be hosting the UK’s largest solar park.

Now that permission has been granted for the solar park, many of us in the local community are working hard to engage positively with all stakeholders and seek the best outcomes for Faversham and surrounding communities. 

To maximise positive opportunity and collaboration, we are proposing a “community corridor”, a path passing through the countryside from Faversham towards Whitstable. 

The corridor will provide local people a safe and healthy way to enjoy the great outdoors. The route (see appendix) would be fully accessible allowing walkers, cyclists, wheelchair users and those with prams and buggies a dedicated route between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable through the Cleve Hill Solar Park, delivering long-lasting benefits for everyone. 


Brian & Sarah Jefferys and the Solar Cycleway Team

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