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We want to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that there is some gain for the local community.  There is an opportunity to ensure that the public spaces within the solar park development are designed with community involvement.  In our view, this will not only provide a more fulfilling and useable space but will also help alleviate the over development in the local area by giving access to outdoor spaces for local people. 

Girls on Bicycles
Make your Voice Heard.

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We want to:

  • Enhance the experience for users of the paths throughout the site, we are looking at possible art installations, local history story boards, solar power information/statistics and community garden areas

  • Ensure that the surfaces and gates are sufficient for walkers, wheelchairs, pushchairs and bikes

  • Propose sufficient funds are put in place to ensure the community corridor is maintained over the 40-year life of the solar park

  • See the next generation as an integral part and want to get them involved in the design process e.g. finding out about the history of the site and designing history boards and art installations

  • Spotlight the difference between a local planning application and a plan of national significance.  i.e. nothing given back to the community (compared to when the substation was built in 2006

  • Make sure that we enhance the area appropriately so that not only can wildlife be maintained but also it can thrive

Join Our CAMPAIGN FOR A CLEANER Future in faversham and whitstable.

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