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We believe that cycling is good for you and the environment, and a dedicated cycleway between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable through the Cleve Hill Solar Park will deliver long-lasting benefits for everyone. This campaign is run by volunteers from our community and surrounding areas. 

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the Proposal

Our  proposal is simple, we want to:

  • Connect Faversham, Seasalter and  Whitstable with an off-road cycleway through the largest solar park in Europe

  • Create a safer alternative for cyclists who commute between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable

  • Provide opportunities for people to engage with the natural environment and an area of outstanding natural beauty 

  • Deliver a lasting legacy for our community which is family-friendly, good for the environment and your health

  • Work collaboratively with Cleve Hill Solar Park, Landowners, the Public Sector and Environmental groups

Join Our CAMPAIGN FOR A CLEANER Future in faversham and whitstable.